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Right Handed Roller Coasters
Words are written right there
Roller-coaster fanfare
Slow down wait a minute
Only in it to win it
Height restrictions
Past afflictions
Right handed, left handed
Rockets to the moon landed
Too short to ride this ride
Everything is double wide
Get in line to wait so long
Don't do this cuz you're wrong
Rainbow stripes are showing through
Screaming kids know what to do
Hands up on downhill
Hands up if you will
Told to write with your right
Something doesn't feel right
Switch to another
Doesn't feel like a bother
Too short to ride this ride
Anger boiling inside
Grow up little girl
This ride will make you hurl
Hands are equal
Like a sequal
Musicals will show you off
When you've never had enough
She was my dream come true
Never knowing what to do
Two different heights
Two different nights
:iconlightbulb-101:Lightbulb-101 2 3
Dear Boy
Is love alive?
I ask you
As the sea rolls through
And we survive
Another year
Makes us blush
What you said in a rush
And it was never clear
Yeah love's alive
You said so
Never said no
And we survive
For a little while
The stars above
Speak of love
And form that smile
On your face
At night
Oh, what a sight
Shoot me into space
Let me float
In your embrace
Is that the case?
Case closed
Love's around
Living here with you
What am I to do?
While making sounds
In our back room
Rolling in the dirt
Mud on your shirt
As we plant our blooms
To match our heart
Tear me in two
Oh what am I to do?
Now we're apart
Now find the glue
Patch us together again
But what then?
No, we're not through
A night in the dorm
And you run like water
With out a center
Through the cracks in the floor
And we believed
That our magic
Would let us stick
And we simply breathed
Our breath minty fresh
Strung together
For forever
Our hearts enmeshed
Oh I love you
Deer boy
I love you
Dear boy....
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Well, as you can see, these are my awesome faves that I really liked! XP

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well, let's start out with the basics.
My name is Ca6t, I'm 16, and I like to draw/write.
I've written plays, musicals, short stories, essays, and attempted NaNo the past two years.
I've been drawing seriously for about the past four or five years, and never did grow out of the doodling and colouring phase of young aged children.

Alright, fact-time:
I'm an uncaring lesbian. Meaning this label should not define me. If you ever need someone to talk to, my inbox is always welcoming.
I've gotten my art computer up and running again, so if you'd like to request anything, I may just do that.
If you'd like to contact me more readily, please reach me on my tumblr, here.
I'm lazy right now. I realize. And I apologize, as well!
But it can't be helped. Life is rather average, and I haven't been doing much quality digital work recently, so it's a bit boring. I've been busy. Sorry about that.
But if you care to devWatch me, I will post things eventually, I promise. :)
I do NOT thank people individually for the faves. If you faved it, I thank you here, now. And if a lot of people fave something, I put a generic 'Thank You' in the artist's comments.
I have a sense of humour, I like to make corny pick-up lines, and my patron troll is Aradia.
I'm afraid of small dogs, centipedes, pregnancy, sparklers, spiders, the dark, and lawn mowers.
I'm really short, and my best friend is asexual. I've been told that I'm immature, though that is an unpopular opinion. I'm good at telling stories, and I try desperately hard to never speak unless my thought is fully formed. This tactic has garnered me the few compliments of those that have said that everything I say sounds as though it was script-written, and I pride myself greatly on that ability.
I'm a part of the Homestuck fandom/community, and plan on going to Youmacon! I typically draw Dave Strider in women's clothing, traditionally dresses.
I do not like hot dogs or meatballs, and I get easily distracted by sparkly things. I love the theatre and hate the marching band, though I do both.

My commissions are currently open. Prices are however much you are willing to pay for the final product.

My favorite colour is orange, I'm more of a cat person, my name really does have a '6' in it, and I am a proud Slytherin.
(More about me.)

Current Residence: Earth.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small/medium
Favourite genre of music: I prefer female lead singers with a higher range and more of an acoustic sound, and I relate more to songs sung by Adam Young. Don't get me wrong, though, a good dance beat (though I cannot dance) or a powerful base line is really nice.
Favourite style of art: Photgraphy.
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Tigger.
Personal Quote: "Expect less. You'll be more impressed."
  • Listening to: Anna Sun - Walk The Moon
  • Reading: Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer
Hi, guys.


I disappeared again. Sorry about that.
But I came back with actual art this time, so yay!

But I also come bearing upsetting news.
Well, mostly upsetting for me.
Rachel dumped me two weeks ago.
For being immature and unserious about issues such as not having all that much in common. (I don't need to have things in common with someone ok that's what's so fun is getting to experience new things with someone you totally like.) I also didn't talk and made everything about her or something. I'm sorry that I fell in love with you, okay? YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS HOME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.
Anyway. This journal isn't about ranting about that. still hurts.
It probably will for awhile.
She said we could still be friends, but now she'll barely talk to me, and is incredibly icy the few times that she does.
I just don't understand girls, I suppose.

Yayyyy hi guys!
I've missed you.

Walk The Moon is a good band js.

Also I read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and underlined the poignant lines that really struck me.
And then I ended up writing comments in, as well.
For most of the book I hated Charlie, pretty much. He's so innocent and just wow okay I know it was in 1991 and at that time kids were drug-friendly, not really sex-friendly, but still! Come one! A sixteen year old who doesn't know about masturbation? No. Sorry. Charlie you're stupid. And probably slightly autistic.
But towards the end I really liked it, so that made it worth it.

Into The Wild is really dumb.
I'm like 1/3rd into it and just wow it's so ridiculous! SDKJFjksdfhUDSfskFKdjksuD

Anyway. It's almost 4 in the morning because it's summer and I've completely fucked up my sleeping schedule oops.


:iconsalaad: :iconfromthesidewalk:



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